Yogi's diet is meant to enhance and support the practice. It has been carefully researched over many hundreds of years by people who achieved extraordinary results in their physical, mental and spiritual capacities.

The subject of weight loss is not simple and we would like to emphasize that there are no easy or magical solutions for being overweight. We would be dishonest to say that little Yoga practice can automatically guarantee you a loss of weight. However, you should know that Yoga has great benefits on many levels and it does enhance the functions of all systems in your body. As such, it can help regulate metabolism, assist digestion, reduce water retention and bloating, improve circulation and help balance the endocrine system which is responsible amongst other things for your appetite. Furthermore, Yoga contributes immensely to reduction of stress and tension, in themselves often drivers of overeating.
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Furthermore, as you condition yourself to adopt a regular practice, you body learns to appreciate physical activities. There are forms of Yoga which are specifically intended to generate heat and help burn calories. Of course, the subject of nutrition in general, and Yogi's food in particular, is quite extensive in scope and takes time to learn and determination to follow. However, there some basic principles that you can apply – from today – that will improve your digestion and assist your body in becoming more agile and lean. And more ready to support your Yoga practice.

There are four principles that you should think off when you try to approach your food with a Yogi mind:

In summery, there is much that you can do to change habits that have affected your eating patterns and unbalanced yoursystems. It will require determination and practice but it is not difficult. And Yoga can greatly help.