Most people use the term Yoga to describe a system of physical and breathing exercises that has become famous in later years. In reality, these are just two stages (number Three & Four) of an Eight-step practice that has been developed over thousands of years as a Systematic Approach to transformation on many levels. In essence, the Sanskrit term YOGA is derived from the root source of the word 'YUJ' which means Union. The English word 'to yoke' – to bring together – is derived from a Latin source which is related. The term Yoga can be understood on many levels. It is the joining of the Yin and the Yang elements in nature. It is Body and Mind coming together. It is the union of the individual identity with the interconnectedness of Being. It is a gradual process of transformation. In practical terms, Yoga implies training or a discipline. It is a practice that affords you a rich context of exercise and relaxation.

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Unlike most forms of exercise, Yoga affects your whole being on many levels. It is a powerful tool to help you relax, keep you fit, and prepare you for advance practices in awareness and mental clarity. Amongst other aspects, it is renowned as a physical practice that completely energizes and trains not just your skeletal, muscles and neural systems but also balances the internal organs and the endocrine systems. It brings you positive results on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It helps you gain balance and relaxation while at the same time increases your vitality and inner peace. Obviously, these kinds of benefits do not appear over night. Like anything in life, the benefits increase and strengthen with time and repetition. But if you are curious to try, you will find that within few classes or practice sessions your body and other aspects of well-being will improve. Try it.

This website was put together as an introduction to the subject of Yoga. We are committed to provide you with straightforward information and assist you in making choices that will improve the quality of your life. We will not make false claims - the subject of Yoga is so vast and deep that it takes many years to become adept Yogis. But the wonderful news is that it takes little training to start a basic practice at home and that you can improve the quality of your life immensely. Whether you want to find some relaxation to counter your busy schedule, loose weight, improve your fitness or balance or decrease stress, Yoga has the possibility to support you in these aspirations. Through this site, you have access to material, accessories, Books and Videos or DVDs, links to further readings and a database of recommended schools and retreats. Particularly, this site is geared towards practitioners in Asia and has special deals for people in the region. We also offer Wholesale deals for Studios, and special packages that will assist new studios in many aspects fo set-up and marketing.